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Highly effective steroid course turinabol stanazolol, which has a number of positive qualities. It is the most suitable course for dry weight for beginners, as it is absolutely harmless and does not have injection components. Many novice athletes take turinabol stanazolol as the first course, during the intake, the athlete receives a good increase in muscle mass by about 5-6 kg, while fluid retention in the muscles and fat accumulation are completely excluded. The drugs that include a course of turinabol strombafort are not able to convert into estrogen and practically do not suppress the production of natural testosterone, so PCT is taken exclusively for prevention. Together, these drugs create good synergy, turinabol builds high-quality muscles, stanazolol dries them out, creates a finely shaped muscle, giving it relief, dryness and a voluminous appearance. It is important to say that both drugs are power, and therefore we should expect a rapid development of strength indicators, endurance and recovery after training, which allows you to conduct classes in the gym more often and more intensively.

How to take Turinabol + Stanazolol

Reception is carried out for 5 weeks. The drugs are taken daily, stanazolol is best taken in the morning, so you will create the best conditions for the lipolysis process. Turinabol is taken after lunch, the time interval between doses should be at least 5 hours. Both steroids are taken before meals with water. Sometimes, for the best effect, propionate stanazolol turinabol is added to the course – it is injected every other day, throughout the course.

This course consists entirely of Balkan Pharmaceuticals products, most of the customers left positive feedback about this particular manufacturer.

Turinabol – 100 tabs / 10 mg

Strombafort – 100 tab / 10 mg


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