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The most widely used and budget steroid cycle for cutting is testosterone propionate and stanazolol. The combination of these drugs can significantly increase the effectiveness of training and the shape of the athlete as a whole, in a short period of time. The main effects are: drying and improving the quality of the muscles, a slow but steady increase in lean muscle mass, an increase in the physical capabilities of the body, this includes strength, endurance, power. During the course, significant fat burning starts, the muscles become more expressive and embossed, with the drawing of veins and the cross-section of muscle fibers.
The combination of propik stanazolol course is suitable for both beginners and more advanced athletes. The main advantage can be called the fact that the progress in weight gain seems more natural, due to the simultaneous burning of fat and a set of quality muscles, which is often noted by athletes when taking stanazolol propionate reviews on the course. On average, in 6 weeks, an athlete gains up to 5 kg of muscle, while the percentage of body fat decreases by an average of 1-2%. Strength increases by about 10-15%. Reduces post-workout recovery time to a minimum, allowing for more frequent and intense workouts.

How to take

The period of taking this combination is 6 weeks. Testsoteron must be injected every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Stanazolol is taken in tablets without dividing the intake. The first week – 2 tabs, the second – 3 tabs, the third – 4 tabs, the fourth – 3 tabs, and the fifth week – 2 tablets per day. Take exclusively in the first half for before meals.

PCT after a course of testosterone propionate and stanozolol is necessary to quickly restore the production of endogenous testosterone in the body, since testosterone propionate can, although not significantly, still suppress the secretion of sex hormones, which ultimately worsens the results from the course. As a rule, Tribulus is used for two weeks, after stopping the PCT after a course of propionate and stanazolol, after a couple of weeks, you can repeat taking steroids. In conclusion, it must be said that the testosterone stanazolol cycle is a good start for beginner athletes, since there is no need to worry about side effects with maximum effectiveness.

About which manufacturers it is better to make a course of testosterone propionate and stanazolol, the reviews of athletes speak for themselves. Taking into account the wishes of our customers, we have chosen the highest quality drugs from leading manufacturers Geber Pharmaceuticals and Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

This course includes:

Strombafort – 100 tab / 10 mg

TEST P 100 – 20 ml / 100 mg


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