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To gain mass for a beginner, it is the stanazolol methane course that is recommended. After all, every novice athlete wants to gain as much muscle mass as possible, with minimal rollback and without the risk of side effects. This combination is able to significantly improve the athlete’s physical form in such a short time, build up to 8 kg of high-quality muscles with little water retention, and also increase strength characteristics up to 20%.

Considered the basic cycle in the period of mass gain, athletes often write reviews about the course of danabol stanazolol. The combination of these two steroids provides a large and stable growth of muscle mass, throughout the course there is not a significant water retention in the muscles due to the aromatization of part of the androgens into estrogen, however, stanazolol does not allow danabol to maximize its potential, thereby reducing the level of flooding and preventing the manifestation of undesirable side effect. As a result, we have high-quality and voluminous muscle mass, with a low percentage of fat and water.

Admission instructions

The tablet course, as a rule, lasts no more than 5 weeks. In order for both steroids to act synergistically, take them in the same dosages. For the first week, take methandrostenolone 20 mg per day, in the morning before meals. Stanazolol is taken identically to methane, but after lunch. For the next 4 weeks, take in the same sequence, but already at 30 mg per day.

Often, to improve the quality of the steroid course and gain more muscle mass, Nandrolone Decanoate is added to the combination.The deca methane stanazolol course is the most effective budget course for gaining muscle mass!

After the course, to maintain the gained muscles, it is recommended to take Clomid for two weeks, at a dosage of 50 to 100 mg per day.

In the case of tablet steroids, our clients prefer the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Therefore, we selected the composition of the preparations methane and stanazolol for the course based on their feedback.

Danabol – 100 tabs / 10 mg

Strombafort – 100 tab / 10 mg


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