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Tribulus biotech. Tribulus Biotech is a drug that is a representative of testosterone boosters. It is used to ensure the growth of muscle tissue, increase strength and adjust the level of sex hormones.

What are the characteristics of a testosterone booster? Tribulus Biotech contains natural herbal ingredients. They contribute to an effective increase in dry mass, therefore, they are used as an aid in intensive training. It is not recommended to be taken by athletes aged 20-26 years, since in such young people the body is characterized by an unstable hormonal system, and the level of their own testosterone is quite high.

It is recommended to buy Tribulus Biotech for athletes aged 30-40, since, in addition to high-quality muscle growth, they have an improvement in erection and increased sexual desire.

Particularly successful is the use of the drug as a component of post-cycle therapy. Taking anabolic steroids, especially those that have high androgenic activity, disrupts the production of your own testosterone.

To achieve dramatic effects, Tribulus Biotech should be combined with a high-calorie diet and strength training sessions. It is recommended to take creatine and protein, as muscle growth with their use will be enhanced.

The positive effects of taking the drug are:

  • muscle growth,
  • improvement of mood and tone,
  • increased libido and increased erection.

Some pharmacologists express doubt that the drug has an anabolic effect.Studies have shown that each organism perceives the remedy in its own way, so it was not possible to come to a general conclusion. Before using a testosterone booster, you should consult with a fitness instructor or your doctor. It is not recommended to take more than 1500 mg of the drug per day.

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