Active substance: clenbuterol hydrochloride Package: 50mg 25tab Manufacturer: Vermodje S.R.L. A country: Moldova



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Clomiver. Today, the field of sports pharmacology provides an opportunity to use drugs that increase a person's adaptation to significant physical exertion. In addition, the rational use of certain substances allows you to achieve high results in sports competitions. One of the drugs that are used after the use of anabolic drugs is clomiver.

Features of the effect of the drug on the human body. Clomiver is an antiestrogen drug produced by the Moldovan company Vermodje SRL. It is used to stimulate the production of male hormones, as well as reduce the negative effects after using steroids. Clomiphene citrate, which is part of the drug, acts as follows:

  • Clomiver increases the production of testosterone, the content of which decreases during the use of steroids.
  • The drug exhibits antiestrogen action. In addition, the tool performs a protective function for muscle mass, preventing its loss.

Application features. Clomiver is recommended to buy with subsequent use in the most optimal dosages for the human body. If you follow the recommendations for the course of using the drug, the occurrence of side effects is minimized. In case of an overdose, fever, dizziness and blurred vision may occur.

In addition, you need to buy clomiver immediately after using a course of steroids.Recommended daily use of the substance at regular intervals. It is necessary to take the tablet with a sufficient amount of liquid. In this case, alcohol should be avoided.

Most often, this drug is used by men. For the female body, the use of the substance clomiphene leads to fluctuations in hormone levels.

In order to minimize the possibility of acquiring a fake, we recommend buying clomiver in our online store. We present only original products of well-known drug manufacturers.

This tool has many positive reviews if it is used in accordance with the recommended dosage. The main advantage of the drug is an increase in the level of male hormones, stimulation of the process of spermatogenesis and antiestrogenic effect.


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