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Anastrozol is the newest anti-estrogen agent, which is available in oral form based on the active ingredient Anastrozole. This drug entered the pharmacological market in 1995. Like many similar drugs, Anastrozole at the very beginning was used only for medical purposes: it was used to treat malignant tumors of the mammary glands with a high content of estrogen receptors. To date, this tool is practically not used in medicine.

In sports, on the contrary, it is actively used, as a rule, by bodybuilders and other representatives of power sports. The main goal of the Anastrozole course is to avoid fluid retention in the body, gynecomastia and a number of other side effects that occur at the end of a long course of taking serious anabolic steroids.

Anastrozole has a very pronounced effect: 1 mg of this substance can reduce the content of estradiol in the blood by 80 percent. Even such a popular tool today as Tamoxifen does not have such a powerful effect. However, it is not correct to compare these two drugs, because the principle of their action is completely different.

Effects of taking Anastrozole

  • Serious reduction in the level of aromatization (up to 80 percent of the initial level).
  • Blocking estrogen levels.
  • Significant inhibitory effect.
  • Immediate effect of the drug. The limiting concentration of the active substance in the blood can be observed already 2 hours after consumption, which makes it possible to stop the aromatization process very quickly.
  • Extremely effective for athletes with a tendency to aromatize.

How to use Anastrozole

This drug is not recommended for beginners. Tablets of this steroid are used by experienced athletes after long courses of anabolic steroids in high dosages.

In general, the course of Anastrozol can be taken in 2 cases:

  • In case of side effects from taking steroids (estrogenic effects, initial signs of aromatization), it is necessary to use from 0.25 to 1 mg of the substance per day,
  • The use of the drug before a course of steroids as a prophylactic agent with therapeutic dosages.
  • The duration of the Anastrozole course should not exceed 2 weeks: this time should be enough for the drug to manifest all its properties. Thus, in order for the substance to more quickly enter the circulatory system from the gastrointestinal tract, it is recommended to use it on an empty stomach, while it is necessary to drink it with plenty of water.

    This drug is contraindicated for women. The reason is that those hormonal changes provoked by the drug are extremely undesirable for the female body.

    Possible side effects from taking

    In case of a significant excess of the recommended dosages, as well as individual intolerance to the active drug, the following side effects from Anastrozole may occur, namely, asthenia, drowsiness, skin rash, erythema multiforme, headache, vomiting, various allergic reactions, nausea, diarrhea. It is also forbidden to use the drug for those people who experience problems with the cardiovascular system.

    It should be noted that the substance quite effectively counteracts many estrogenic side effects, but at the same time it inhibits the beneficial properties of estrogen (blocking the production of beneficial cholesterol), which can lead to heart problems. Athletes experiencing problems with CCC should definitely consult a doctor or, in extreme circumstances, use a drug such as Tamoximed during the course.

    Anastrozole reviews

    After studying the reviews about Anastozol, one can come to the conclusion that this drug is highly valued as a means of rapid anti-estrogenic effects. Perhaps this is actually the case, because the maximum concentration of the active drug Anastrozole can be observed already after the first 2-3 hours after its use.

    The most commendable reviews about the drug in the form of tablets can be found among professional athletes in bodybuilding. Experienced athletes were satisfied with the quality of blocking the effects of estrogens after a long and powerful course of AAS.

    This drug Anastrozole has become quite widespread among training bodybuilders and athletes. During training, athletes note its following effects when used when an athlete uses various steroids and anabolics, and he may experience such an effect as gynecomastia and fluid retention in body tissues during sports training. Because of this, the athlete experiences discomfort during exercise. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of gynecomastia. As noted by the trainees themselves, it effectively eliminates the symptoms of this problem.Also, this drug helps to increase muscle relief due to the fact that it blocks the negative effects of estrogen hormones in the athlete's body. As athletes note, it also quite strongly increases the level of anabolic hormones in the blood.

    It also helps prevent hypertension in athletes, as they often experience an increase in blood pressure when using certain steroids. Therefore, it is used to prevent such unpleasant symptoms in a training athlete. When using some steroids, the level of internal testosterone also drops sharply and the function of their production is inhibited. This leads to a decrease in sexual desire and male athletes. Therefore, this drug, as athletes say, restores the oppressed function and the level of the internal hormone testosterone returns to normal. The drug powerfully suppresses estrogens and increases masculinity. It suppresses aromatase activity well and does not cause aromatization effects, which athletes do not like so much during their training sessions. It also suppresses cancer cells, especially in menopausal women.

    Nevertheless, this drug also has certain side effects, as athletes say in their practice. It can, with a particularly excessive dosage or inexperience of the person taking it, when the dose of the drug is exceeded, cause aches in the joints during training, a headache may appear with excessive use. In addition, when taking it, an athlete may experience reduced joint mobility, a skin rash may appear, affect the cardiac system, and cause various allergic reactions in the form of redness and rashes.Often such a drug can cause dry mouth, itching, and various forms of edema in the recipient. Those training athletes who have problems with the cardiovascular system should undergo a consultation in advance. In order not to harm the heart muscle.

    A lot depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete's body, the complex of nutrition, the degree of intensity of training, the possibility of using other drugs in combination with this drug. For female athletes, this drug may cause weight gain, thin hair, and back pain. Therefore, its use should be extremely careful, especially for women during training. We can say the following, along with certain advantages of this drug, especially for men, is the fight against gynecomastia when using drugs, blocking the action of estrogens, this drug also increases the level of testosterone in the blood, removes excess fluid from the body when taking other anabolics or steroids. But it also has disadvantages, expressed in aching joints, headaches, the appearance of acne. Therefore, you must strictly adhere to the instructions for use of the drug in order to avoid negative consequences.

    Buy anastrozole

    Anastrozole. A relatively new anti-estrogenic agent is a drug called anastrozole. Appearing on the drug market about twenty years ago, it was originally used for medicinal purposes. It was used to treat breast tumors that were accompanied by high levels of estrogen. To date, these pills are rarely used for medicinal purposes, but bodybuilders and representatives of power sports use them quite actively.The main purpose of the use is to eliminate the side effects of anabolic drugs.

    Properties of an anti-estrogen drug. Experts cannot fail to note the noticeable effect that the drug has on the body. The active substance, which contains anastrozole, lowers the content of estradiol by 80%. No known drug has such an effect.

    The effects that the drug has on the body:

    • a decrease in the level of aromatization,
    • decrease in estrogen levels
    • pronounced inhibitory properties.

    Also an important property of the drug anastrozole can be called a lightning-fast result. A high content of the active substance appears in the blood within two to three hours after ingestion. In addition, the decrease in aromatization takes place in a very short period. That is why bodybuilders who are prone to such processes, anastrozole is in great demand.

    Anastrozole price

    Important nuances of taking the drug. Basically, the drug is used only by experienced athletes, it is better for beginners not to experiment. Most often, they begin to drink anastrozole as soon as the course of anabolic steroids is completed. However, it is worth starting a course of administration only if a noticeable side effect is observed after using steroids. Also, the drug can be drunk before the start of the anabolic course, in the form of prevention. It is important that the dosage and duration of administration is determined by a specialist.

    You can drink tablets for 14 days. This period is enough for the drug to fully manifest itself. For maximum effect, it is better to take the tablet before meals with plenty of water. The drug is not recommended for female athletes.

    In the field of professional athletes about the drug, you can hear a huge amount of positive feedback. You can buy it on our website, while receiving competent advice from a specialist.


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