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Active substance: Testosterone Propionate Package: 10ml 100mg/ml Manufacturer: Radjay Healthcare A country: India



Testosterone Propionate a testosterone ester, third in line behind testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. Available in the form of injections.

Its main difference from testosterone enanthate, which is well known to bodybuilders, is that it practically does not retain water in the cells of the body. For this reason, gaining 8-10 kg per month on the course of this drug is almost impossible, while testosterone ethanate or methandrostenolone allow you to do this. But the course with testosterone propionate allows some athletes to prepare well for the competition.


Interacting with cell membrane receptors, testosterone penetrates into the cell nucleus. Approximately 98% of the drug in plasma binds to proteins, mainly to globulins.

A particularly valuable quality of propionate is the incredible speed of action: once it enters the body, it starts working very quickly and is just as rapidly excreted from the body. The substance has a short duration of exposure, affecting the body for 1-2 days.

At the start of the course of steroids, to speed up their work, the athlete can make several injections of testosterone propionate, which will increase his performance and aggression in training.

The level of testosterone in the tissues of the body will increase dramatically, giving impetus to the development of strength and muscle mass. And when the propionate turns off, a more powerful anabolic steroid such as retabolil will turn on, the time of the full-fledged action of which on the body begins 10 days after the injection.

By the way, drugs with rapid muscle response, such as sustanon and omnadren, have propionate in their composition, which gives a very fast effect.


It can be used as a standalone remedy or for quick acceleration during courses with heavy long-acting steroids (such as retabolil) and soft landing and softening the fiasco after Anapol-50.

Propionate allows the body to recover better from stress, due to the fact that testosterone stimulates an increase in the body's production of creatine phosphate.

The combination of propionate with one or more highly anabolic and low androgenic steroids such as winstrol or primobolan promotes the growth of high-quality muscles and faster burning of subcutaneous fat. Moreover, it has been noted that these combinations are a classic example of synergy, when drugs that are not too potent alone become much more effective when used together.

Side effects

Propionate is considered a fairly safe drug, rarely causing severe side effects. The liver and kidneys do not suffer as much as when taking other chemicals. However, the dosage should not be exceeded, as problems such as acne, hair loss, increased hair growth of the body, and a decrease in the timbre of the voice can be encountered. For some, a positive feature is an increase in libido. And this is true for both men and women.

Gynecomastia is much less common. But at the same time, propionate deals a powerful blow to the body's own production of endogenous testosterone, so at the end of the course of propionate, it is advisable to drink gonadotropin, proviron and nolvadex.

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