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Active substance: Testosterone Propionate Package: 10ml 100mg/ml Manufacturer: golden dragon A country: China



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Testoged R. Testoged R is a steroid with an active ingredient called testosterone propionate. The drug is extremely popular because it allows athletes to build muscle mass very effectively.

What makes this steroid different from others. In addition to the anabolic effect, Testoged R has a pronounced androgenic effect. The drug has a distinctive property, consisting in a short period of its action. For this reason, injections should be done almost every other day. It should be borne in mind that the body may respond to the reception with an allergic reaction, in which case the use of the drug should be discontinued.

Testoged R is worth buying for the reason that this remedy does not retain fluid in the body. Therefore, the mass gained by athletes is of high quality, and the rollback phenomenon is minimal. Many athletes prefer to use the drug specifically for drying, since it does not give a significant quantitative increase in muscles.

Beginners are advised to start using Testoged R at 50 mg every other day. Professionals and experienced bodybuilders can use up to 100 mg daily. Conducting post-course therapy is mandatory, antiestrogen should be used during the course. They will reduce the risk of unwanted effects such as:

  • gynecomastia,
  • fluid retention,
  • baldness,
  • prostate enlargement.

Starting from the second week of the course, you should start taking Proviron or aromatase inhibitors. During post-cycle therapy, drugs such as tamoxifen are recommended.

In order for the effect of using the drug to be as pronounced as possible, it is necessary to combine its administration with other steroids. To draw up a cycle program, it is recommended to contact fitness instructors.

The use of the drug allows for effective drying and elimination of fatty layers. Testoged R is worth buying because it has a very high anabolic index. With its help, the strength indicators and the overall endurance of the athlete are noticeably increased, which makes it possible to conduct intensive training. The biggest drawback of the drug is the suppression of the axis of the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, testicles, so the reception must be combined with pharmacological drugs that inhibit this undesirable process.

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