Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals A country: Moldova



Time of action: 1-2 days

Detection time in the body: up to one week

Anabolic / Androgenic Score: 100/100 %

Water retention: at high doses

Liver toxicity: at high doses

Gynecomastia: Yes

Acne: Yes

Aquatest – is one of the forms of release of the male hormone testosterone. It is produced in Moldova, by the Balkan Pharmaceuticals laboratory. Testosterone suspension is an aqueous solution with a crystallized residue of a substance, it is testosterone in a "pure" form without an ester compound, such a molecular form allows the substance to be absorbed into the blood in a matter of hours and quickly begin to act. It is the fastest acting steroid and is used with great success by athletes to improve performance immediately before the competition, this is also due to its rapid excretion from the body, which is of great advantage to athletes who have to pass a doping test (test for the use of anabolic steroids)

Historical background says that the testosterone suspension was synthesized back in the 1930s, and is the first anabolic steroid created by man. The active substance itself is not bound to the oil ester, therefore, using Aquatest, the body receives exactly 100 mg of “pure” testosterone from one injection, while testosterone enanthate gives the body only 72 mg. At present, it is quite difficult to buy an aquatest in Ukraine, but our store provides such an opportunity.

Effects and action

According to its properties, aquatest is no different from other forms of testosterone, but it has a number of features due to which the drug opens up new possibilities in the use of doping.To begin with, consider the very action of the anabolic. Suspension of testosterone has a high-speed action, this applies to both the onset of work and its half-life, therefore, in order to maintain a constant anabolic effect, Aquatest injections are made every day or every other day. There are reviews of a different nature on the aquatest, in which many athletes note the high effectiveness of the drug in local use, this is exactly the steroid that is able to quickly increase the muscles into which the injection was made, while others say that this is a myth.

As a rule, the athlete already on the second day after the injection begins to notice an increase in strength and energy. This steroid contributes to: an increase in the number of red blood cells, an increase in protein synthesis, stimulates appetite, develops endurance, speed and power of an athlete, increases libido and the general physical condition of the body.

All in all, we have an anabolic steroid that is able to develop maximum results in a really short period of time, so aquatest 100 deserves to be called the best anabolic steroid for use in the pre-competition period.

Dosages and course of Aquatest

Testosterone suspension is able to maintain high levels of the substance in the blood for no more than 2-3 days, therefore, for frequent injections are made every day, rarely every other day. The recommended dose for men is 50-100 mg daily. Due to the crystallized form of the substance, injections should not be made quickly, so as not to provoke micro-cuts that can eventually turn into adverse reactions, such as a cyst or abscess. Each injection is made in a new place.Aquatest course should not exceed 5 weeks, due to the strong suppression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis, otherwise, it is necessary to include gonadotropin in the course.

The drug is perfectly combined with Nandrolone Decanoate and Boldenone, in the course of gaining muscle mass, this combination perfectly develops high-quality mass and unconditionally leads to an increase in strength.

Entering the drug into the muscle is a rather difficult and painful process, in order to eliminate pain, take vitamin B12 together with Aquatest or with a solution of novocaine or lidocaine, mixing them in one syringe.

Side effects

Due to the high androgenic activity, the testosterone suspension is prone to aromatase. In this connection, the risk of side effects is quite high. The most common of these are gynecomastia, fat accumulation under the skin, acne, and fluid retention.

To prevent and eliminate adverse reactions, take Clomid after the course. It will protect you from estrogen side effects, and restore the natural production of endogenous testosterone.


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