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The combined use of these drugs takes the athlete's physical form to a new level. The course of deca stanazolol forms only clean, solid muscles throughout the course. Nandrolone is a strong anabolic steroid with weak androgenic properties, which allows it to maximize the development of quality muscles, with minimal water retention and with little risk of side effects. The course of nandrolone stanazolol creates a good combination, they complement each other. Stanazolol perfectly dries the athlete's muscles, preventing nandrolone from accumulating water, and the deck, in turn, does not allow Stanazolol to dry out the joints and ligaments, due to an increase in the level of synovial fluid in the joints, which allows you to train with extreme weights without fear of injury. As a result, an athlete in 5-6 weeks gets 7-8 kg of beautiful, voluminous muscles with excellent relief and vascularity. It adds 10-15% to physical fitness and improves your overall physical health, in the form of strengthening bones, joints, immunity, starting anabolic and metabolic processes. On the course, protein absorption increases several tens of times, therefore, to improve results, it is recommended to take protein on an ongoing basis. By the way, stanazolol helps to suppress the process of androgen aromatization into female sex hormones, this applies to all anabolic androgenic steroids, which reduces the risk of undesirable consequences against this background.

How to take a course of deca stanazolol reviews of experts

When drawing up a course, it is always necessary to take into account the power of nandrolone decanoate, low doses lead to a more refined mass gain, in smaller quantities, but with high quality and refinement. In this case, the course lasts 6 weeks. Deca is placed once a week, on one specific day, weekly on the same day, you inject intramuscularly 2 ml – 200 mg of Deca Durabolin.

In the case of oral strombafort, you take 3 tabs – 30 mg daily, in the morning, before meals. Stanazolol is taken for 5 weeks.

At the end of the course, start taking Clomid, it normalizes the balance of hormones, reduces the level of prolactin caused by nandrolone and restores the natural secretion of gonadotropin, which will save the results.

The course includes:

Deca Durabolin – 6 amps / 200 mg (Organon Holland)

Strombafort – 100 tab / 10 mg (Balkan Pharmaceutical Moldova)


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