Active substance: anastrozole Package: 1mg. 25 tab. Manufacturer: Vermodje S.R.L. A country: Moldova



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Buy anastrover. This drug belongs to the group of non-steroidal antiestrogenic substances that are being developed by Vermodje. The drug is a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor. Anastrover was originally synthesized for medical purposes. It was used to improve the condition of the female body during menopause. A daily dose of 1 mcg makes it possible to reduce estradiol in the body by 80 percent. A higher dosage of the drug leads to androgenic activity.

At the same time, anastrover is worth buying due to the fact that it does not activate the intensive production of cortisol, therefore, in the process of taking it, you can not use corticosteroids for replacement. If we compare the agent with aminoglugethimide, then we can notice a longer half-life process, as well as the prevention of feminization when used in prescribed amounts.

A unique tool. Increasingly, anastrover is used to eliminate the risk of accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the body. Also, the drug helps in counteracting gynecomastia. Today, the tool is actively used:

  • bodybuilders
  • security forces,
  • weightlifters.

It can be used after passing the next course of steroids with a strong anabolic or androgenic effect. Anastrover is worth buying in order to provide an anti-estrogen effect for the athlete's body. Also, with its help, it is possible to significantly slow down the development of various side effects, due to a decrease in estrogen in the blood.

In most cases, anastrover is used by athletes for two weeks.The drug should be used in a volume of 1 mg per 24 hours. The active ingredient of the drug penetrates into the blood very quickly. It is best to use the substance before meals, and the maximum concentration is observed approximately 2 hours after ingestion. If the agent is planned to be used with food, then this will lead to a decrease in absorption, but the level of the content of the active component in the blood will remain unchanged.

To buy anastrover, it is enough to take advantage of the offer of our company. For many years of work, we managed to get a positive reputation, which is the best guarantee of product quality. At the same time, we guarantee fast delivery and affordable prices to our customers.


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