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What are antiestrogens used for? Antiestrogens these are the best friends of bodybuilders who use androgenic-anabolic steroids in their workouts. Why? We will give an answer below.

It's not a secret for any of us that during the course of steroids, our body stops producing its own testosterone hormone. This is because the need for this simply goes away, because now there is a lot of it, so why waste the resources of the body once again? In this case, the activity of such an arc as the pituitary gland – hypothalamus – testicles gradually fades away. And the longer the course period, the larger dosages, the stronger the means used, the faster this arc fades.

We add that the degree of its wear at the end of the course still depends on the balance of the following hormones: estradiol, progesterone and prolactin. In the event that the level of at least one of the above hormones exceeds the reference values, the arc will begin to fall asleep much deeper and faster. It is for this reason that it is very important to closely monitor the level of these hormones during the cycle, periodically take tests, and keep estradiol and prolactin inhibitors on hand at all times.

Thus, the deeper the arc goes into sleep, the more time it will take to wake it up and the more effort will have to be exerted at the end of the course in order for the production of one's own testosterone to normalize. And the sooner you can restore the level of your own testosterone in the body, the better you can look at the end of the course and the sooner the loss of strength and muscle mass will end.

It is in this case that antiestrogens come to our aid, such as: clomid (clomiphene citrate), tormifene citrate and tamoxifen citrate. We will not talk about the last two, the last one should be completely excluded from this list, because it is the dirtiest, and in most cases you can easily get a negative effect rather than a positive one from restoring with tamoxifen.

For all athletes involved in bodybuilding, the use of Clomid is recommended. This drug is much more expensive than other similar antiestrogen, but it is the most effective and high quality. And saving on health is the last thing and skimping in this case is not worth it.

The role of Clomid on PCT and how it works

It is not uncommon to notice how athletes, during post-cycle therapy, use various dietary supplements in order to restore their own production of testosterone by the body.

Tribulus, herbal tinctures, and other, we apologize in advance for the expression, you should not use rubbish, because after completing the AAS course, your body falls into a deep hormonal hole for the simple reason that the level of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones is at zero. These are gonadotropic hormones and the level of testosterone in the blood is directly dependent on their amount.

Clomid has a direct effect on FSH and LH levels. In addition, it binds to estrogen receptors, which is why there will be a lot of estrogen, based on the results of a blood test, however? the main part of it will simply be inactive.

From the very first days of taking Clomed, at the end of the course, the levels of FSH and LH rise to the upper limit values, extremely quickly increasing the level of testosterone. Accordingly, literally after 2-6 weeks we get an absolutely normal level of testosterone in the body, while the levels of FSH and LH will return to their previous normal values ​​after discontinuation of the drug. As for the duration – everything is completely individual. Some will recover in as little as 2 weeks, while others will take 2 months. Again, it all depends on how serious the course was.

How to use Clomed on PCT at the end of the course

At first, it should be noted that the dosage of the drug clomiphene citrate is set depending on how severe the course was. The more drugs were used, the larger the dosages, and the more powerful these drugs were, the longer the recovery time will be, and the more Clomid will be needed.

Reviews of clomid (clomiphene citrate) in bodybuilding

Note that there are simply no negative reviews regarding the use of Clomed in bodybuilding. And this is not surprising, because the side effects of this substance are absent (at least they have been identified). Clomiphene citrate contributes to the rapid recovery of athletes with minimal losses after taking a course of steroids.

This drug is noted by athletes taking it is designed to neutralize a wide variety of side effects that arise from the effects of steroids and anabolic drugs on the athlete's body. It also promotes the production of the hormone testosterone.When using this substance, athletes retain the muscle mass and strength gained during training, and also protect their body from the side effects of other drugs. The so-called rollback phenomenon such a drug effectively neutralizes. In addition, it effectively increases the secretion of the hormone testosterone. It goes as a mandatory drug after taking all courses of anabolic drugs.

Nevertheless, it can cause drowsiness, headaches, increased psychomotor excitability. In addition, it can cause a variety of increased pain in the chest area. Some athletes note that it can also increase body weight, which is completely undesirable for the athlete, worsen visual acuity, and cause hair loss. If the drug is used at an increased dose and the intake is not controlled, then it will cause nausea and vomiting, respectively. Therefore, the drug should simply be canceled and then all these symptoms will go away by themselves.

You just need to strictly follow the instructions for taking the drug and then the above negative effects will practically not appear. All negative side effects are offset by its effect on removing the bad effects of taking other anabolics or steroids, which athletes widely use in their classes. It is because of this that it has become so widespread among bodybuilders and also in the field of sports medicine.

Compliance with the rules of admission and not abuse of doses of drugs make it indispensable when removing side effects from other potent steroid drugs.

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Clomid. Antiestrogenic drugs can be called indispensable helpers for athletes who regularly take steroids. In order to normalize the production of testosterone in the body, a drug called clomid is used. It is an antiestrogenic agent, necessary to eliminate the side effects of steroids. The use of this drug makes it possible for athletes to maintain the mass and strength indicators obtained on the course of anabolic steroids, while avoiding many undesirable consequences.

Use in bodybuilding. The active ingredient in the drug is clomiphene citrate. Its main task is to block estrogen in cells without preventing the formation of receptors in the body. That is, Clomid blocks the effects of estrogen and stimulates the production of testosterone.

Most athletes after a course of steroids have a problem in the form of suppressed testosterone secretion. If the problem is not solved, then catabolic processes begin in the body, which threatens to lose all the muscle mass gained during the anabolic course.

The effect of clomid on the body:

  • stimulation of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis,
  • activation of luteinizing hormone,
  • increase in testosterone secretion.

Given the number of positive effects that Clomid has on the body, it is recommended to take it not only as an anti-estrogenic agent, but also in post-cycle therapy.

Clomid price

Features of taking the drug. To maintain the result obtained after the course of anabolic steroids, you should start taking Clomid immediately. You can start the next day after the end of the course of steroids, it is not recommended to make a break for more than a week.Men take daily from 50 to 100 mg of the drug for at least two weeks. However, the exact dosage and duration of therapy should be determined by the specialist individually.

Women, as a rule, do not use Clomid, so as not to disrupt the hormonal background. A short course before the competition is possible to get rid of excess fat. The drug has a slight anabolic effect. Side effects are very rare.

Taking this anti-estrogenic agent makes it possible to safely gain and maintain muscle mass, which is the ultimate goal when taking steroids. You can buy a certified drug on our website.


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