Active substance: Testosterone Propionate 30mg/ml, Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60mg/ml, Testosterone Isocaproate 60mg/ml, Testosterone Decanoate 100mg/ml Package: 10ml 250 mg/ml. Manufacturer: Vermodje S.R.L. A country: Moldova



Sustaver – This is a fairly strong injectable steroid produced by the Moldovan company Vermoge. The active substance of the drug is a mix of four types of testosterone. With the help of the Sustaver technique, you can quickly build up a large masculature. An injectable steroid is great for experienced athletes who want to take a course to gain significant strength and muscle mass.

All four types of testosterone, which are part of the drug, are very strong among all the substances that are used to build physical mass and strength. Therefore, it is not recommended to put them immediately in the first course of steroids, but wait until there is an experience of passing weaker courses. When taking Sustaver, you can get a result in the range of 8-10 kg in one course.

It is most desirable to install Sustaver with Decaver of the same manufacturer, as well as with Turinover or Naposim. With proper nutrition, this will help you gain more than 8 kg per course.

Sustaver: course

The fastest result is given by the following dosage – 500 mg of the active substance per week. It is recommended to combine Sustaver with other drugs, for example, with Dekaver and Naposim, or with Stanover and Boldever, the combination of Sustaver with Stanover and Danabol is also good.

The Moldavian-made Sustaver has deservedly won a good reputation among professional and amateur athletes.Thanks to one course, an athlete can, without much effort, significantly increase muscle volume and move up strength indicators. However, it should be remembered that this drug, like other steroids, has side effects.

Sustaver side effects

The side effect of taking Sustaver is very similar to the side effects of testosterone enanthate. The only exception is that negative phenomena do not appear so often and are not so pronounced.

Depending on doses and times of administration, the most common androgen-related side effects can be experienced:

  • oily skin,
  • acne,
  • decreased production of sex hormones
  • aggressiveness,
  • accelerated hair loss.

Gynecomastia and water retention are within the normal range or appear quite rarely.

To avoid side effects when taking the drug, in particular the appearance of acne and gynecomastia, you should reduce the dosage of the steroid, and be sure to drink Proviron (at least 50 mg per day), starting from the second or third week of the course. Proviron will not affect the strength of the course, but on the contrary, it will help you pass it without particularly noticeable side effects. In addition, it also removes excess water from the muscles.

Sustaver Vermodje: reviews

After taking Sustaver, users leave various reviews. However, most athletes who competently completed the course on this strong steroid received the necessary result in a significant increase in strength and muscle mass growth.

Sustaver Vermoje – a treasure for any athlete. This steroid of the injectable group of drugs faster than other anabolics increases the level of testosterone in the human body, due to which the athlete quickly grows physical strength and muscle mass.In a short time on this steroid, you can build up to 10 kg of muscle, so the reviews on Sustaver 250 are almost always positive.

You can buy Sustaver directly on the website with convenient delivery. The price of the drug is indicated on the page next to the description. The course of taking Sustaver will remain in your memory as the most effective.


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