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Andropen (Andropen 275) from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is a powerful drug of androgenic and anabolic origin. First of all, it is a mixture of testosterone esters, which provides the steroid with a long-term effect due to the sequential and uniform flow of detachable testosterone into the circulatory system. Ether is a hydrocarbon chain that attaches to the molecules of anabolic steroids to give them specific properties: deposition and time of entry into the blood.

It should be noted that the esters were created specifically in order to eliminate the need for constant injections. Thus, as a result of an injection of an ester-based anabolic substance, a certain oil depot appears at the injection site, which begins to gradually supply (the rate of release into the blood of the injected substance can be characterized by the half-life of the ester) the circulatory system with a steroid. The esters combined in Andropen 275 with different half-lives make it possible to ensure a constant supply of testosterone to the circulatory system until the end of the action of the latter (decaonate).

Andropen 275 has many very beneficial effects for athletes: from a pronounced increase in muscle mass and muscle strength to the normalization of the nitrogen balance in the body and strengthening the immune system. Andropen was developed specifically for athletes, it is in great demand in powerlifting, weightlifting, power extreme and bodybuilding.

Effects of using Andropen 275

  • Limiting growth of muscle mass, (such growth can only be achieved with the help of testosterone).
  • Strengthening the endurance of the athlete, as well as his power qualities.
  • Strengthening ligaments and joints, eliminating pain and improving their functions.
  • Accelerated metabolism, increased appetite.
  • Strengthening the immune system and improving overall well-being.
  • Normalization of nitrogen balance.
  • Increase motivation.
  • Increased sexual desire during the use of the drug.

Andropen 275 consists of 5 testosterone esters with different half-lives: acetate during the day (in other words, after a day the concentration of the substance used in the blood will decrease exactly by half: 50% of it will already leave the body), propionate 2 days, phenylpropionate 4 days, cypionate no more 8 days, decanoate up to 12 days.

How to use

The duration of the Andropen 275 course should not exceed 6 weeks, while the weekly dosage of the substance is from 300 to 600 mg. Injections are made once a week, which is quite convenient. The use of a testosterone mix is ​​not recommended for women, because the drug is quite powerful and can lead to virilization.

To set the maximum muscle volume, you can use Andropen 275 in combination with methandienone, and closer to the end of the course, you can also connect strombafort. Such a scheme provides an opportunity to gain high-quality dry muscle mass and does not cause a rollback phenomenon. With post-course therapy, it is necessary to use Clomid and Gonadotropin or Tamoximed.

Possible side effects

As a rule, the negative effects of testosterone on the body can be found in athletes unprepared for the course, who start using the drug without knowing many of the nuances.In case of exceeding the dosage indicated in the instructions for Andropen 275, ignoring the PCT or the duration of the course, gynecomastia may occur (especially if the athlete has an individual predisposition), as well as greasy skin, acne, excessive hair growth or baldness. Subject to compliance with the regimens of use and post-cycle therapy, side effects are not observed.

Reviews about Andropen 275

Most of the athletes speak satisfactorily about Andropen 275 from British Pharmaceuticals. Many note its serious anabolic effect, low frequency of side effects, painlessness and ease of injection, the ability to strengthen the immune system. Reviews about cnthjblt from practicing steroid athletes are the best confirmation of its effectiveness and safety.

There are even some reviews about Andropen 275, which were left by athletes. They indicate that women used dosages an order of magnitude lower than those recommended for men and were able to achieve quite serious progress in the results.

This drug has, as athletes and bodybuilders and powerlifters who take it, a number of undoubted advantages over other drugs in this group indicate. Due to its powerful structure, this drug provides an increase in the acquired immunity that takes it. It also contributes, according to athletes, to normalize the internal nitrogen balance of the body. Its use during sports training provides a fairly significant increase in muscle mass and strength capabilities of the athlete.According to bodybuilders regularly exercising, the quality of the muscles also increases, the training time increases, and there is a pronounced psychological satisfaction from the exercises. Thanks to such data, training athletes try to use it as efficiently as possible.

Also, judging by the reviews of trainees, Andropen 275 strengthens their ligaments and tendons, eliminates the resulting pain during training, increases the desire to win, improves appetite. This tool dramatically increases stamina and increases sexual desire. It is especially good for stretching and lifting large masses of iron due to its ability to remove joint pain.

In addition, Andropen 275 combines very well with other steroid preparations and creates a very good effect of no kickback after taking it, unlike many other similar steroids. As athletes respond, it is very easy to take and painless for injections and is well tolerated by the body. Women also take this drug, although its dosage is naturally somewhat lower and also achieve good results after taking this remedy. During colds, athletes usually practically do not get sick with the flu and SARS.

This drug has side effects during administration, most often they occur in those taking it who have just either started taking this drug in their sports training or because of the characteristics of their body.As athletes note, such an effect as gynecomastia may appear, especially if there is a predisposition to that effect, the secretion of subcutaneous fat may also increase, which leads to greasiness of the skin, as well as exercisers indicate that hair may fall out, though not excessively. Some athletes may develop acne. But if the person taking this drug complies with all the requirements of the instructions for use, then the risk of side effects, as athletes sometimes say, will almost not arise.

However, even such side effects can cause unwanted psychological effects and reduce the effectiveness of training. Basically, this anabolic steroid is used for accelerated muscle recruitment, this is especially useful before performances. Just as the trainees themselves note, there are combinations of positive and undesirable effects in the form of strengthening immunity and simultaneous hair loss, improving the quality of muscle mass and the occurrence of gynecomastia. We can say that, unlike other powerful steroids, this anabolic successfully combines all the necessary effects and almost does not detect side effects.

Thus, Andropen 275, judging by the numerous reviews of athletes, is one of the most convenient to use and does not cause significant harm. The main thing is to follow strict instructions and then the possibility of negative effects during training will practically be reduced to zero error.


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