SP Equipoise


Active substance: Boldenone Undeclylenate Package: 10 ml. 200 mg/ml. Manufacturer: SP laboratories A country: Moldova



Now every fourth drug sold is SP Equipoise boldenone from SP labs.

SP laboratories was the first to release the drug.

More than 10 years ago, Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) was used by foreign chemists in the veterinary field to increase appetite and gain weight.

The drug has shown itself on the positive side among athletes and bodybuilders. Previously about the drug Equipoise SP knew little due to lack of information. Now he has become one of the most sought after among people who play sports.

Taking SP Equipoise Boldenone

For beginners, you can use the following course of administration: 400 mg for 6-7 weeks, which will help you gain up to 5 kg of weight in one course. The drug is excreted within 3 weeks.

The most optimal method of administration can be considered a course that lasts 12 weeks at 600-1000 mg per week. Can be used in combination with testosterone, turinabol, methane. This is an effective, and most importantly, safe work of the body.

Description of the drug SP Boldenone (Equipoise)

This is an anabolic with powerful active work. It has androgenic properties. It is combined with similar long preparations. It can be enanthate, cypionate from testosterone. The main goal is to gain muscle mass. It perfectly increases appetite, which will allow you to achieve the maximum possible mass. For the best effect, we recommend using with short esters. You can use testosterone or turinabol.

Combination SP Equipoise and turinabol showed the best result. A course lasting 10-12 weeks allows you to gain 7-8 kg of weight. Positive sides:

  • a set of quality mass,
  • increase in strength indicators,
  • power,
  • beautiful muscle silhouette,
  • increased endurance.

This course is often used by fighters, athletes, swimmers.

A drug equipoise SP has a good effect on the body and is absolutely safe:

  • does not retain water in the body,
  • does not aromatize
  • does not cause acne
  • does not increase blood pressure.

SP Equipoise Boldenone from SP labs you can buy from us at the lowest price and with delivery throughout the country. Our drugs are original, we guarantee the quality of our products.


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