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Active substance: Boldenone Undeclylenate Package: 10 ml. 200 mg/ml. Manufacturer: Restek Laboratories



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Buy boldenone forte. The active component of the presented agent is undecylenate. The drug is an anabolic steroid with a moderate androgenic effect. It was originally intended to be used as a long-acting methandrostenolone. But during the development process, it was possible to obtain AAS, which demonstrates completely different distinctive qualities, although the structure is generally similar to its predecessor. The drug has an additional methyl group, which makes it different from dianabol. In chemical terms, the drug is a derivative of testosterone.

If we consider boldenone forte in detail, then undecylenate in its features is practically not inferior to the male hormone, while androgenic qualities are 2 times lower than those of testosterone. As a result of use, the drug makes it possible to improve a number of strength indicators, and also increases endurance.

Distinctive qualities of the drug. Often, boldenone forte is confused with nandrolone. Such a comparison is not accurate, since each of these drugs has completely different effects. In addition to udesylenate as an active ingredient, you can buy boldenone forte with propionate or acetate in the same role. Regardless of the composition, the drug has the same effect on the athlete's body. The difference lies in how quickly the acting component penetrates into the blood. Boldenone forte has the following steroid profile:

  • anabolic effect – 100%,
  • androgenic effect – 50%,
  • estrogenic activity is low.

In the process of taking the substance does not affect the bodybuilder's liver, which is another advantage for taking it. The drug allows you to gain muscle mass during the course. Although the growth is not dynamic, but sports pharmacology allows you to make muscle mass leaner and more prominent. The effect is provided due to the structure of the ether. The use of acetate or propionate as an active ingredient leads to a faster effect. It is also important for athletes that the remedy allows you to increase your appetite.

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