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Active substance: nandrolone-decanoate Package: 10ml 250mg/ml. Manufacturer: Radjay Healthcare A country: India


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Nandronolone Dean. To increase the volume of muscle mass and muscle strength, special drugs are used. We are talking about substances that can accelerate the renewal of the structural parts of cells, muscles and tissues. In addition, they improve appetite and the process of tissue regeneration, increase the efficiency and endurance of the body.

The effect of the drug on the body. Nandronolone decanate is an anabolic steroid that is produced in the form of injections by the Indian company Radjay Healthcare. To date, this drug is one of the most popular in the field of sports pharmacology. In the chemical formula of the substance, the 19th position of the carbon atom is missing. The origin of the drug is progestin, in addition, androgenic characteristics are manifested.

The use of nandronalone decanate is characterized by the following features:

  • There is a significant increase in lean body mass. On average, up to 8 kilograms are gained per course of use.
  • There is a strengthening of blood vessels, ligaments and the skeletal system.
  • There is an increase in the level of endurance due to the stimulation of the formation of red blood cells and the saturation of the body with oxygen.
  • There is a strengthening of the immune system.

Features and duration of application. If necessary, buy nandronalone decanate, you should study in detail the features and recommendations regarding the use of this drug. A distinctive feature is the lack of a fast anabolic action. Most often, the course of using the substance is quite long.On average, nandronalone decanate is taken for 8-10 weeks. Injections are made once every seven days.

When combined with other drugs, possible side effects are minimized. Thus, it is possible to prevent a decrease in sexual desire, reduced production of natural testosterone and many other troubles.

If you have made the final decision to use anabolic steroids and buy nandronalone decanate, pay attention to the following. Strict adherence to the rules for the use and dosage of the drug used allows you to avoid many side effects. In this case, you need to monitor the state of your own body.

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