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Decaver – an anabolic steroid with which celebrities of the world bodybuilding began their journey. The drug has become popular due to its high anabolic activity, as well as the low frequency of negative reactions. Decaver is a long-acting ester and is the most sought-after variety of the drug.

Decaver allows you to grow quality muscles. The rollback process after the course is quite insignificant if the cycle is drawn up correctly. The reviews about Decaver are the most positive: athletes talk about the good quality of muscle mass, however, its growth is not as fast as in the case of methandrostenolone.

Steroid profile of the drug

The drug is available only in the form of injections. It has a well-defined anabolic activity and a slight androgenic effect. Decaver also has a number of positive properties: it increases the level of immune defense, strengthens tendons and ligaments, increases the oxygen mass of the blood, etc. Decaver is effective for sprains, sports injuries and joint soreness. The drug is not converted into estrogens, and also does not cause fluid retention, prostate hypertrophy, gynecomastia and baldness. Today, Decaver is one of the safest anabolics that are used to build muscle. An important fact is that Decaver has absolutely no toxic effects on the liver.

Decaver: Course

Decaver acts more slowly than high androgenic steroids, so the effect appears gradually. At the same time, the weight gain after the course is very significant.At the same time, the gained mass is of better quality than with the use of androgenic drugs. Decaver course lasts at least 6 weeks – this time is enough to get excellent results.

Decaver: how to take

The dosage calculation is as follows: 3-4 mg per 1 kg of total body weight, for example, if your weight is 90 kg, then the dosage of the drug is 300/350 mg per week.

An increase in dosage is not required, as this will not give the desired effect. In turn, underestimation of dosages will not allow the drug to show its maximum anabolic activity.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that Decaver's activity is slow, so the duration of the course should be at least 6 weeks, and preferably 8 weeks. If the course lasts more than 6 weeks, it is mandatory to include chorionic gonadotropin in the intake (from the 5th week).

The dosage is as follows: 500 IU 2 times a week.

Decaver Vermodje is also perfectly combined with Winstrol, since the latter perfectly reduces the progestin activity of Decaver, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the course. But for intensive weight gain, it is necessary to include testosterone in the course, and it is also desirable to take antiestrogens: tamoxifen or proviron. The latter is the preferred option.

Decaver Vermoge: reception result:

  • high anabolic effect, which contributes to a qualitative increase in muscle mass, and also gives a minimal rollback after the course,
  • eliminates joint pain due to the high secretion of synovial fluid,
  • collagen synthesis is stimulated, due to which ligaments, joints, bone structures, tendons are strengthened,
  • strength endurance increases significantly during training, as the erythrocyte mass of blood increases.

Decaver: buy, price

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