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Nandroged. In bodybuilding, drugs that mimic the action of the male sex hormone are widely used. We are talking about substances that have a high biological activity. Due to the use of such substances, there is an increase in muscle mass of the body and an increase in strength indicators. One such drug is nandroged.

The mechanism of action of the drug. Nandroged is an injectable anabolic steroid produced by the Chinese company Golden Dragon. The active ingredient is nandrolone decanoate. Thanks to this substance, the muscles accumulate a large amount of nitrogen. This contributes to the successful production of protein and an increase in muscle mass.

The active substance of the drug is a wonderful basic steroid. At the same time, it is recommended that novice athletes buy nandroged with the subsequent use of a lower dosage compared to professionals.

The advantages of the application are the following:

  • a significant increase in lean body mass,
  • strength improvement,
  • strengthening the skeletal system
  • improving the functioning of the immune system,
  • relief from joint pain.

Thanks to the above properties, an increasing number of athletes decide to buy nandroged.

Features of the use of the drug. Due to the positive effect on muscle growth, nandroged is a fairly popular drug. It is recommended to use it for no longer than 10 weeks. Most often, the drug is used once every 7-8 days.If the prescribed schedule and dosage are followed, the possibility of side effects is minimized. Otherwise, there may be consequences in the form of a rash, increased pressure, headache and back pain.

To achieve the best effect in increasing body weight, the drug is most often combined with other substances of the steroid group. These include methandrostrenolone. Muscle mass, which has been acquired in connection with the use of such substances, is very difficult to maintain. Therefore, it is recommended to replace nandrolone in the second phase of application with another substance, boldenone.

Nandroged is best to buy from a trusted seller. On our site you can purchase original high quality products at the most affordable prices. Remember that following the recommended schedule of use and dosages contributes to the best result.


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