Active substance: Stanozolol Package: 10ml 50mg/ml Manufacturer: golden dragon A country: China



strombaged – a strong anabolic steroid with little androgenic activity. The drug is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Golden Dragon. At the heart of Strombaged is the steroid stanozolol, popular in sports practice.

What is Strombaged

Today, the drug Strombaged is often used in sports and medicine. In sports practice, amateurs and professionals use it to build muscle mass and increase strength indicators. In medicine, the steroid is used to increase stamina and speed up the recovery of patients.

It is important to note that the activity of the drug lasts for at least 8 hours, and during the course it has multiple positive effects, namely:

  • burns fat
  • improves muscle dryness,
  • removes fluids from the body
  • improves the relief of muscles,
  • increases strength,
  • normalizes nitrogen balance.

Stanozolol has practically no side effects. It does not aromatize, is harmless to the liver, and also does not reduce the production of its own testosterone. However, despite the relative harmlessness, it is recommended to take Strombaged exclusively for men.

The course of taking the drug

This anabolic steroid is most often used in combination cycles. For example, a course of stanozolol along with testosterone is popular. Dosages: stanozolol – 50 mg every one or two days, testosterone – 50-100 mg every two days. To minimize side effects and improve the result, it is recommended to add Clenbuterol and Ketotifen.

Also, this anabolic is often combined with nandrolone and turinabol.Or you can use a course of Strombaged + oxandrolone, as well as other combinations.

The recommended dosage for all cycles of Strombaged is 50-100 mg. The average course duration is about 6 weeks. This amount and duration of intake is enough to feel an increase in strength and a qualitative improvement in the muscles.

Doses of the drug are easy to calculate, since it has a very convenient concentration of the active substance – 50 mg per 1 ml. When using the recommended dosages, one jar of steroid (10 ml) is enough for at least 5 days (if you take 50 mg every other day).

It is very easy to buy Strombaged, the price of which is quite acceptable, through our website – just add the drug to the basket and enter your contact details. The manager will contact you and specify the delivery address.


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