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Proviron-ver. In the field of bodybuilding, the use of hormonal drugs that have moderate androgenic activity is important. Most often they are prescribed after the completion of the course or during the use of anabolic substances.

Distinctive features of the drug. Proviron-ver is a steroid drug manufactured by Vermodje SRL. It is used to increase the level of testosterone production in the body. In addition, it is able to eliminate disorders that are caused by a lack of male sex hormone, thereby increasing the level of libido in athletes.

The main advantages of Proviron-ver buy are the following features:

  • firstly, it prevents gynecomastia (enlargement and hypertrophy of the mammary gland),
  • secondly, it helps to avoid excessive accumulation of fluid in the body,
  • thirdly, it prevents the deposition of fatty compounds according to the female type (chest, lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs).

To date, Proviron-ver is a popular drug, since the active substance that is part of it helps prevent the effects caused by the female sex hormone. The most valuable ability of the active substance is to increase the level of free testosterone. In addition, there is an increase in protein synthesis, which allows you to achieve noticeable results in the shortest possible time.

For the female body, Proviron-ver can have unpleasant consequences in the form of virilization. We are talking about a change in voice and skin, body shape, the appearance of excess hair on the body.

The use of the drug. A distinctive feature of Proviron-ver is the absence of side effects. In this regard, this drug is preferred by many athletes, especially before important competitions. The active substance of this tool allows you to increase the rigidity of the muscles. Very often, actors and photo models use it before shooting in order to emphasize the relief of muscles.

It is recommended to buy Proviron-ver during the recovery period. Most often it is combined with the use of clomid or tamoxifen. From 1 to 4 tablets are taken per day, which is from 25 to 100 milligrams of the substance. Relatively safe is the use of the drug for several weeks. The impact on the liver is minimal. It is recommended to adhere to the established regimen of application, since an overdose can cause swelling and fluid retention in the body.


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