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Not in stock Active substance: methandrostenolone Package: 100 capsules 10 mg Manufacturer: British Dragon NEW A country: Thailand



Half life: 6 hours

Detection time: 3 months

Water retention: Yes

Liver toxicity: average

Methandienone by British Dragon – is a Thai development of the classic "Methane". It is a popular anabolic steroid containing strong anabolic and androgenic properties. For better absorption, it is produced in gelatin capsules, which allows the active substance to be more actively absorbed into the blood and work quickly. The drug is the most affordable and best-selling anabolic in the world, thousands of power athletes use this drug to quickly increase muscle mass and strength performance. The steroid is highly effective at a fairly low price.

The history of Methandrostenolone begins in 1956, when Dr. John Ziegler synthesizes it from the molecular form of dihydroteststerone, with the aim of using it in medicine for use in the treatment of breast cancer in women, and in the recovery of patients after major operations and burns. At that time, Ziegler's ideas were promoted by the American pharmaceutical company Ciba, which, 4 years later, began the first production of a batch of the active substance Methandrostenolone under the brand name Dianabol. The drug quickly fills the market and after a while the sports contingent becomes interested in the steroid, medicine fades into the background.You can buy methandienone in capsules on our website If you have already decided to buy methandienone in Ukraine, then this will be the right decision if your goal is to gain as much weight as possible.

What is the effect?

In fact, almost no course of steroids for mass is complete without Methane. This is due to the fact that the effectiveness of this steroid is impeccable, it works successfully both in the course of solo and in combination with other anabolic steroids. For a course of methandienone, a novice and intermediate athlete can gain up to 12 kg of bulk muscle mass, strength and power usually increase by 20-25%, while if you do not neglect the recommendations for taking, side effects will not manifest themselves. You will gain large and strong muscles in a fairly short time, while you will not lose the gained muscles immediately after the course, only water will go away, and this is only 3-4 kg of the total.

Methandienone British Dragon is capable of:

  • stimulate the synthesis of protein and glycogen, accelerating it tenfold,
  • promotes mass and strength gains,
  • increase appetite,
  • strengthen the bones
  • increases libido during the cycle,
  • improves mood and general tone of the body.

Briefly about the main nuances of taking the drug

The drug is not suitable for persons under 21 years of age! Recommended doses for men range from 20-50 mg per day. The daily dose is divided into two parts, half in the morning, half in the evening, in order to maintain high levels of the active substance in the blood. The drug is quite toxic to the liver, so it is recommended to take it after meals, but it is important to know that taking the substance before meals, its effectiveness will be an order of magnitude higher than in any other case.From the very beginning, the dosage should be minimal, and gradually increase to the maximum during the course, preferably weekly. You should not take "Methane" for more than 6 weeks, since this is the maximum period when mtendienone is able to act in the body, on the 7th week, as a rule, the activity of the substance drops to zero. Take "Methane" against the background of taking sports nutrition, since during the course, your nutrition should be as balanced as possible, this will help you achieve more pronounced results in weight gain.

To achieve maximum results in mass gain, Methandrostenolone can be actively combined with Testosterone, Sustanon, Parabolan, Nandrolone.

Side effects

Already at a dose of 40 mg, the active substance is able to aromatize into estrogens, such a statement of the facts can lead to a number of negative reactions called estrogen side effects, the main ones are: gynecomastia, a rapid increase in female fat reserves and water retention, there is one important moment, the greater the percentage of water retention, the greater the recoil phenomenon will be. British dragon methandienone reviews often note that the main task is to gain more muscle mass than water, for this it is very important to conduct PCT.

Other side reactions of methandrostenolone:

  • hair loss,
  • testicular atrophy due to inhibition of natural testosterone production,
  • acne,
  • virilization in women,
  • increase in blood pressure,
  • hepatotoxicity.

In order to reduce the risk of such problems, it is recommended to take appropriate drugs, ranging from aromatase inhibitors – Clomid and Anastrozole, to Testosterone stimulants – Gonadotropin and Tribulus. To keep your liver healthy, take Karsil. In addition, drugs from the PCT series are actively involved in the process of reducing the rollback phenomenon.


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