Trenbolone enanthate


Package: 10 ml. 200 mg. Manufacturer: British Dragon NEW A country: Thailand



Anabolic index: 400 %

Androgenic index: 200 %

Aromatization: No

Water retention: No

Liver toxicity: No

Suppression of HPTA: high

Doping test detection: 9 weeks

Trenabol Enanthate – a fairly common form of Parabolan. Trenabol is a brand name for the substance trenbolone, owned by the Thai pharmaceutical company British Dragon. The substance is a powerful anabolic steroid, with many positive qualities. This drug is produced by esterification of essential oils, namely the bond between esters and the active substance. The addition of an enanthate ester allows Trenbolone to be active in the body longer. This statement of facts makes this steroid more practical to use, as it does not require frequent administration and can be used on long-term steroid courses.

Trenbolone is of veterinary origin and was originally developed for use in cattle to increase appetite, increase musculature and improve the overall physical health of the animal. Later, was seen in use by humans. To this day, there are many companies around the world producing Trenbolone, in its various forms, long and short. Trenbolone Enanthate can be bought like all anabolic steroids. Alas, the price of trenbolone is quite high, but this factor is not significant compared to what an athlete receives using this product. You can buy trenabol enanthate in Ukraine on our website

What is the effectiveness of its action?

First of all, a few words should be said about the safety of Trenbolone.The power of the substance is due to the fact that its anabolic and androgenic activity is unrealistically high, however, at normal doses, the drug completely eliminates side effects. Parabolan practically does not appear in the skin tissue of the body and head of the user, almost does not affect the prostate. Does not cause androgenic effects, such as acne, baldness and hairiness.

The drug shows itself as a good anabolic, as it is able to stabilize androgen receptors five times stronger than testosterone. This steroid is used both for cutting and in mass courses.

Trenbolone Enanthate has a good mass-gaining effect, develops amazing strength, stimulates protein synthesis, burns fat, retains in the body all the necessary substances and nutrients to increase protein synthesis: phosphorus, sulfur, calcium (strengthens the bone skeleton). An important ability is a noticeable increase in insulin growth factor in the body, which also contributes to gaining mass and strength. With all this, the gained mass comes out "dry" and embossed, at the end of the course, a tangible rollback phenomenon is not observed.

Effects of trenabol enanthate

  • Increases muscle mass by 10 kg in 6 weeks
  • Develops strength and power by 30%
  • Increases FMI by 200% of baseline
  • Burns fat
  • Decreases cortisol balance
  • Increases libido during the course

Trenbolone Enanthate how to take for men

The trenbolone solo cycle is considered highly effective in the world of bodybuilding. It is used in particular by competitive athletes to achieve high quality mass. Due to the fact that Trenabol is devoid of an estrogenic component, there is no water retention and accumulation of body fat at normal doses.

So for men, the optimal dose is 300 mg per week.The course lasts 6-8 weeks on average. Weekly dose, divided into two times. For example, 150 mg on Monday, and 150 mg on Thursday – the period between injections should be equal.

For the development of more pronounced results in the set of "lean" muscle mass, Trenbolone is taken in combination with Nandrolone Decanoan, Testosterone Propionate and / or Boldenone Undicylenate.

Side Effects of Trenbolone

Within optimal doses, androgenic adverse effects are very rare, estrogen and progestin are absent. However, due to high levels of androgens in the blood, natural testosterone production can be significantly reduced – this can usually lead to testicular atrophy, therefore, without fail, it should be taken during and after the course of Gonadotropin and testosterone stimulants – Clomid and Tribulus.

Most often, such adverse reactions as insomnia, increased blood pressure, and aggression are manifested.

Use while taking Trenbolone, Clenbuterol and Ephedrine is not recommended, as the risk of adverse effects on the body increases.


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