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Active substance: Testosterone Enantate Package: 10 ml. 250mg/ml. Manufacturer: Vermodje S.R.L. A country: Moldova



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Testover E. Testover E is a drug that is an analogue of testosterone with a long period of action. It is very common among athletes because it does not require frequent injections.

What features does this steroid have. Testover E is very effective for gaining muscle mass. It increases the strength of athletes, promotes the desire to conduct intense training, up to six times a week. The tool stimulates the recovery of the body, strengthens the joints and increases their endurance.

The period of action is two to three weeks, and already with the beginning of the course, its concentration in the blood increases several times. Testover E is worth buying for those athletes who want to achieve pronounced results in the shortest possible time.

Take the drug once a week, 250-500 mg. The course lasts up to 10 weeks, while the weight gain is directly proportional to the doses. This gives some athletes the temptation to noticeably exceed the recommended levels, which can cause extremely undesirable consequences. Taking the drug, you should take care of high-calorie nutrition and the use of sports supplements.

Side effects of the drug:

  • swelling,
  • gynecomastia,
  • possible testicular atrophy.

To minimize all the negative consequences, you should combine the drug with antiestrogen. If the course is long or intense, you need to use gonadotropin. At the end of the cycle, the use of cortisol blockers is recommended, since the drug has a significant rollback phenomenon and efforts must be made to maintain results.

After two to three weeks of cycle completion, post-cycle therapy should be undertaken. It is recommended to buy Testover E together with Winstrol or Anavar, which will help improve relief and effective drying.

If the remedy has not been taken before, the course should be started with minimal doses. In the absence of negative reactions, the intake rate can be increased to the recommended one. Before going through the cycle, it is worth consulting with specialists who can recommend which drugs can be successfully combined with tester E.

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