Testosterone C


Package: 1 ampoule – 250 mg Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals



Time of action: 16 days

Half-lives: 6-8 days

Aromatization: high

Gynecomastia: Yes

Water retention: Yes

Acne: Yes

High blood pressure: Yes

Detection time: 4 months

Testosterone Cypionate – not the most popular form of testosterone, but quite often used by athletes in long cycles of steroids for mass. Testosterone is an androgenic sex hormone in men, responsible for many physiological processes in the human body, the use of synthetic testosterone helps to increase muscle mass and strength in large quantities in a fairly short period of time. The binding of the "long" essential oil of Cypionate, allows testosterone to be smoothly released into the blood for a long time. Cypionate is the "longest" ester of all existing, which is used to accelerate anabolic processes in order to achieve certain results. Testosterona Cypionate Balkan Pharma allows for longer courses of steroids, and is largely appreciated for this.

Much of Cypionate's popularity is in America, in the US it is more widely used than Propionate and Enanthate. Nevertheless, Testosterone Cypionate is actively produced by most countries, and Moldova is no exception, on the territory of which there are several dozen factories and laboratories for the production of this substance and steroids in general. The drug itself is quite convenient in terms of practicality, since it does not require frequent injections. The effect of cypionate ester is due to the fact that it allows testosterone to settle in the fat cells of the body and is stored there for a crescent.During the course, the active substance is cleaved into the blood in a small amount and constantly maintains the anabolic effect, so cypionate can continue anabolic activity for a couple of weeks after the course.

In most countries of the world, this drug is prohibited by law, but in Ukraine, testosterone cypionate can be bought without problems in our online steroid store farm-pump.com.ua There are also testosterone cypionate reviews of a different nature, which you can also find on our site.

What is the effectiveness of testosterone cypionate and what is it due to?

  • The substance has a positive effect on protein synthesis, therefore, muscle mass is built up. For a course of testosterone cypionate, you can gain up to 15 kg of weight. But it is worth noting that when using a steroid, increased cell hydration occurs, in connection with this, after the completion of the course, a decent rollback of water should be expected.
  • Helps to increase the strength and power of the athlete.
  • Due to the ability to increase the number of red blood cells, the muscles are more exposed to oxygen, which has a positive effect on their growth and endurance.
  • Increased libido and spermatogenesis.
  • Improves phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism (which is a very positive quality in the overall health of the body and muscle growth).

Testosterone Cypionate course and dosage

Due to the high half-life of the substance, it is recommended to inject cypionate once a week, this is a great advantage for athletes who have developed a fear of injections. Note that one injection per week maintains a high level of the active substance in the blood as much as possible, you can inject it once every two weeks, but then the effect will be slightly reduced. The optimal dose is 250-300 mg per week.Testosterone cypionate solo cycle is quite effective, and in the case of beginners, it does not require the addition of other anabolic steroids. More experienced athletes, to improve mass gain, combine cypionate with Nandrolone and / or Methandrostenolone.

Do not exceed a dose of 800 mg, due to the high risk of adverse reactions. Use cypionate for no more than 8 weeks.

Side effects

As you know, testosterone manifests itself in a strong androgenic effect, this fact provokes the appearance of aromatase, which, as a result, gives unfavorable results of estrogen activity. In testosterone cypionate, the ability to aromatize is more common than in drugs similar to it. Therefore, you need to be careful with taking this steroid and be sure to use aromatase inhibitors such as Anastrozole or Tamoxifen, so that you do not encounter problems like gynecomastia and female-type obesity.

Androgenic side effects, such as acne, increased male-pattern body hair growth and high blood pressure, are also quite common, due to the possibility of converting the substance to dihydrotestosterone, drugs such as Clomid eliminate such ailments.

After the course, after 1-2 weeks, a two-week PCT is strongly recommended to restore the pituitary-hypothalamus-testis axis and minimize the rollback phenomenon.


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