Package: 1 ampoule 100 mg Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals A country: Moldova



Anabolic score: 88%

Androgenic index: 44%

Conversion to estrogens: No

Hepatotoxicity: minor

Water retention: No

Gynecomastia: No

Suppression of testosterone synthesis: slightly

Half-life: 5-20 hours

Detection time on a doping sample: half a year

Primobol – trademark of the well-known anabolic steroid Methanolone Enanthate, better known as Primobolan. This steroid is quite popular among males and females, whose body is more sensitive to the side effects of steroids, the drug is one of the three safest anabolics, because the chemical structure of Methenolone has a very mild androgenic effect with a good anabolic effect. The substance is not able to aromatize, and therefore you can forget about estrogen side effects like gynecomastia and fat deposits. Primobolan is also available in tablet form with the active ingredient methenolone acetate.

Primobolan is a combination of the active substance methenolone and enanthate ester. The addition of this ester increases the half-life of the drug to 10 days, and prolongs its release and potency.

Properties, effects and action

Primobolan Balkan is a formula of high efficiency and success. The drug is not able to retain water, and therefore builds up only a "pure" high-quality mass.The substance is the only steroid that is able to increase muscle volume even with a low-calorie diet, in addition, the effect of improving the proportions and external factors of muscles is created, that is, methenolone promotes fat burning, muscles become embossed and cut. Therefore, we recommend buying Primobol for those who really want to gain "dry" muscle mass without the slightest loss after the course.

As we know, only those steroids that have a high androgenic index, such as Sustanon, are capable of gaining a lot of weight. But it is also known that such drugs carry a number of side effects, an integral part of which is the rollback phenomenon, which reaches half of the gained mass. In the case of Primobol, the rollback phenomenon is equal to zero! This is one of the few drugs that does not require PCT. Due to the fact that Methenolone tends to bind strongly to anabolic receptors, an athlete receives an increase in weight almost every day, while remaining "dry" and embossed. By the end of the course, the muscles take on a finished look with pronounced venousness. Due to all these effects, the price of Primobol is quite high.

In medicine, the drug is actively used as a drug to combat breast cancer.

Dosages and course of Primobolan

First of all, it is important to note that the dosage of Methenolone Enanthate depends primarily on the preparation of the athlete. Due to the weak androgenic properties, it is well suited for beginner athletes, due to the high safety of administration.But for more advanced users, this nuance is not very satisfactory, since the optimal dose for them should be an order of magnitude higher, so experienced athletes in taking anabolics often use Primobol with other AAS to maximize results.

The dosage for beginners is 300 mg per week. Athletes of average experience should receive a dose in the range of 300-500 mg per week. Experienced athletes, in order to get the same effect as beginners, should bring the weekly dosage to 500-800 mg. For the best effect, the weekly dose should be divided into two times, for example, 400 mg on Monday and Thursday.

Combining Primobol with other AAS

Depending on the target areas, methenolone enanthate can be combined with various types of anabolic steroids, Primobolan works great with absolutely all AAS, and in particular leads to impressive results.

In courses for mass growth, the steroid is successfully combined with highly androgenic anabolics such as Anadrol, Danabol, Trenbolone. In the course for relief and strength, the tool will work great with Winstrol and / or Masteron.

Side effects

It is important to understand that, like all pharmacological derivatives in excessive doses, they can be destructive, meaning health. But if you do not abuse them, steroids will bring you only positive effects and emotions.

For "newcomers" to the world of doping, Primobolan is the ideal solution, because there are NO significant side effects of this drug! Not water accumulation in the muscles, not gynecomastia You will never be disturbed, but in large doses, so-called androgenic side effects, such as acne and baldness, can appear. Therefore, it is strictly not recommended to exceed the optimal doses!


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