Dro P 100 (Masteron)


Active substance: Drostanolone Propionate Package: 10 ml. 100 mg/ml. Manufacturer: Geber Pharmaceuticals A country: Germany



Dro P 100 from Geber Pharmaceuticals

Drostanolone is an anabolic steroid. It is also available under trademarks Drolban, Metormon, Permastril. Masteron actively acts as an androgen, a little less as an anabolic. It is not synthesized into estrogen because it is not aromatized. At its core, the drug has similarities with dihydrotestosterone. Masteron is used to treat breast cancer.

Release form bottles 10 ml 100 mg / ml. Its application was found for bodybuilders, runners, athletes, powerlifters. The optimal course for those who are on cutting and gaining muscle mass. It is good to use it to save the desired weight, while maintaining the same body weight. The demand for the drug is as follows:

  • does not accumulate water
  • maintains muscle mass
  • creates relief,
  • makes the muscles hard and dense,
  • increases strength.

Usually Masteron is taken just before tournaments. Since the drug burns fat, it brings the muscles into perfect condition. The mass of fats is burned by 5-7%. The drug can also be used during food diets.

Masteron course

Take 400-500 mg of the drug per week. With this dosage, the optimal effect will be achieved. Propionate, given the short period of active action, is administered 3 times a week or every other day.

Drostanolone is used in combination with other drugs for greater effect: Winstrol, Oxandrolone. It is these drugs that are suitable for androgenic properties and receptors.A good effect will be visible during drying, the concentration of globulin decreases, which has a good effect on sex hormones.

Professionals combine Masteron with Testosterone propionate, which allows you to gain muscle mass.

According to the reviews of people who play sports and tested the drug on themselves, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • no side effects
  • easy portability,
  • availability,
  • quality of muscle mass,
  • good effect
  • pronounced result.

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