Active substance: Oxymetholone Manufacturer: Vermodje S.R.L. A country: Moldova



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Buy androver. To ensure incredible results, athletes today use special supplements that allow them to surpass their own performance. One of these tools is Android. The drug acts as a powerful steroid with an anabolic effect. The product is sold in oral form. The active ingredient is oxymetholone. The synthesis of this element was carried out in the middle of the last century. The development was carried out by the Syntex Pharmaceuticals laboratory. It was originally planned to use this remedy in order to fight anemia, as well as treat osteoporosis. He also showed excellent results in terms of improving the efficiency of the muscular system in patients with a weakened body.

Athletes were able to buy androver almost immediately after he received approval from the US Commission on Drug Control. Today, the drug is mainly used by athletes, as in recent years there have been more effective developments for the treatment of anemia. Thanks to research, it was possible to prove that oxymetholone has great potential in terms of treating HIV infection. Therefore, the complete disappearance from the medical field, as in the case of other drugs, did not happen.

Application features. Androver shows an excellent anabolic level, as well as a relatively low androgenic effect. It was this feature that made it especially interesting for weightlifters. In the process of admission, athletes observe:

  • powerful increase in muscle mass,
  • increase in strength indicators,
  • drop in SHBG.

Androver is worth buying for those who have long been looking for an effective sports pharmacology, which is sold in oral form. In this segment, the drug simply has no analogues. 2 weeks of taking allow you to get about 5 kg of muscle, and by the end of the course of taking this level triples. In the future, there is a certain rollback, which can reach 30 percent of the mass gained. This happens due to the high fluid content in the body during the intake.

Androver you can always order on our website. The company is ready to offer each buyer favorable terms of cooperation. Androver is worth buying for every athlete who prefers the oral form of steroids.


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